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Synonyms for blotch

Synonyms for blotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for blotch

an irregularly shaped spot

mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained

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Keywords Roll coating, Thermoforming, Elastohydrodynamic, Nesting, Blotching
His body was blotching and he chose to bleach out the blotches with dermatologist creams," the Mirror quoted Tito as saying.
Not only does tanning increase your risk for skin cancer, says Ayoub, but it causes wrinkling, blotching and sagging--hardly an advertisement for healthy living.
amplinotus (irregular in 42768) and body blotching resembling the pattern in B.
The larger drop size of the Midnight black provides deeper black coloring in wide areas for better overall contrast without blotching.