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Synonyms for blotch

Synonyms for blotch

a discolored mark made by smearing

to mark or soil with spots

Synonyms for blotch

an irregularly shaped spot

mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained

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While the cello is the one clearly depicted image, it's evident that the thin-lined silhouettes in white, yellow and blue represent the forms of human figures -- performers and spectators reclined, as if on pillows -- sometimes graced with a blotch of skin tone or blue, sometimes engulfed in red.
Around the peripheries of each blotch we see smaller blobs.
Vertical rows of blotches are referred to as V1-V9: V1 is represented by the blotch anteriorly on the nape; V2 includes the blotch around the dorsal fin origin, and the first blotch in row H2; V3 includes the second blotch close to the dorsal fin base, the H2 blotch below and the first blotch in row H3.
In the Midwest, NTNB, spot blotch, and SSLB are important foliar diseases of barley because they result in yield reductions ranging from 5 to 35% each year (Mathre, 1997; ToubiaRahme and Steffenson, 2004).
DEAR AFI: Recently, I've noticed a blotch of pale-brown pigmentation on my right cheek.
guttata meahllmorum, based upon its low body blotch counts and brownish, rather than reddish, coloration by which the authors distinguished it from E.
The webinar, which features several other updates about current red blotch research, is available online.
London, August 12 ( ANI ): Scientists believe the strange blotch on pictures NASA's Curiosity rover sent back from Mars could have been debris from rover landing.
Sick hellebores area blotch on landscape WHAT 9 are the brown marks on my hellebores?
4) and occur at the following locations on the body: postorbital blotch - posterior to the eye, anterior to a vertical through posterior margin of preopercle; temporal marking - directly above posterodorsal corner of preopercle; and shoulder spot - directly above posterodorsal corner of operculum.
SPOT BLOTCH is a wheat disease of concern in warmer and humid regions of the world (Dubin and Van Ginkel, 1991; Duveiller et al.
The dorsal blotches on the body were counted beginning with the first blotch on the neck posterior to the two cranionuchal stripes, but because of the frequent occurrence of transversely Y-shaped blotches, two sides were counted separately and statistically analyzed for the mean figures for each specimen, resulting in some fractional counts (e.
White varieties may have yellowing and variable leaf color, but red blotch can be more difficult to identify visually in white varieties.