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Synonyms for blossom

Synonyms for blossom

the showy reproductive structure of a plant

a condition or time of vigor and freshness

to bear flowers

to grow rapidly and luxuriantly

Synonyms for blossom

the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

produce or yield flowers

develop or come to a promising stage

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March and April are the busiest months for guests visiting Japan, and coincide with the very short period when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.
The season of blooming cherry blossoms has kicked-off with the beautiful flowers blooming at Pingjing Street.
A devastated Chris, 34, told the ECHO: "We went on holiday and were only there a couple of hours when Blossom found a way into the pool.
It thought: that which wished to be a white butterfly was a fool and that which wished to be a cherry blossom was a fool.
Meanwhile, the shocking storylines in "Riverdale" Season 1 won't end with Jason's killer's identity reveal, as well as the Cooper family's connection to the Blossom clan.
Strongbow Cherry Blossom is now available in 6 packs and will replace Strongbow Red Berries in the Strongbow Variety Pack in June.
Their bond is so strong that Blossom was recently crowned the nation's best pet friend in a contest organised by the National Office of Animal Health.
With the increased awareness of our city within the Middle East, and our efforts to provide detailed information in Arabic about the increased availability of halal and Muslim-friendly cuisine throughout the city, we believe that this year's cherry blossom season has the potential to welcome more Middle Eastern visitors than any other year previous.
Program attendants were Bo Blossom, Mary Karen Blossom, William Blossom, and Knox Ross III.
Patty Hanson and Blossom the cow smiled for their official Guinness World Records photo shoot.
It is obtained from fresh rose blossom comprising the petals and sepals of roses of the species Rosa damascena Mill.
BLOSSOM is beautiful, especially when it smothers a tree with its pale pink flowers that seem to have burst out of nowhere, almost overnight.
My previous trips to Japan never coincided with the annual famous Cherry Blossom festival.
com)-- For the eleventh consecutive year, Bike and Roll DC will offer the Blossoms by Bike guided ride, created especially for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.