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In another part of the video, which consists of outtakes and bloopers from her show, Deen can be seen moving around the kitchen to the sound of someone passing gas.
Marshall admits, "I grew up in baseball, but I watched millions of bloopers to get the style for this ballet.
On outtakes of assorted General Lees getting wrecked during stunts: ``When you see those bloopers, it's sad.
Award winner Greg Daniels, The Office: The Complete Series includes all 201 episodes on 33 discs for back-to-back and uninterrupted viewing pleasure - plus bonus commentaries, webisodes, blooper reels and over 15 hours of deleted scenes that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and smiling.
The rare blooper clip (silent in the beginning) surfaced on YouTube on 27 October, and gives a captivating insight into the making of the classic 1977 sci-fi blockbuster along with some hilarious moments involving the actors.
Among the other bloopers was one that read that several of acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock's recurring themes arose, as he was a 'torched Catholic.
IRON Man 2 has been voted the worst movie for bloopers in the past year.
Blooper STANZA Correct answer SONNET - What I is to hint or suggest?
THE EXTRAS: Two-disc set includes audio commentaries, deleted and extended scenes, behind-scenes documentaries, trailers, games, music video and a rather amusing blooper reel.
Another infamous blooper was the bell-bottomed Arnold Scaasi pantsuit worn by Barbra Streisand to the 1969 ceremony.
But when fame began to destroy his relationship with the woman he loved (Claire Forlani), Bobby made a shocking decisionDVD Extras: Director commentary, four deleted scenes, blooper reel, Celebrating The Legend - The Making Of Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius featurette, theatrical trailer.
The author once again has called upon his "legions of super-dooper blooper snoopers" to scour the earth for the most ill-treated English usages that can be found.
A CONTENDER for Blooper of the Week came from one of our reporters - currently heading in the direction of an atlas.
Your ears play an important role when a blooper goes off, and it pays to listen to the music of your shotgun.