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That's quite a number to reach, but I was more shocked NMTB had made it to series number 28 (I wonder if Phill Jupitus, who has been there since the beginning in 1996 is just hanging around to be bloody-minded as he wants to be the one to finally switch the light off in the studios).
I thank PUP, Motoring Enthusiast and Family First Senators for their goodwill in working through the issues and clearing the waters left muddied by Labor's penchant for red tape, unnecessary bureaucracy and sheer bloody-minded obstructionism.
The thing is, our northern cousins are a bloody-minded bunch and, more to the point, they rather fond of feeling persecuted.
But one thing they'll agree is that the hallmark of both performances is the bloody-minded determination of the larger-than-life character at the heart of both films.
She was not strong as they wish to portray her, merely bloody-minded.
The bloody-minded might well say to Nick Clegg, "It serves you right, you shouldn't have joined, it jolly well serves you right.
Assad and his bloody-minded allies have understood well that their inevitable end has come.
Jocky, the greatest darts player Scotland has produced, and a lot more besides, seemed to symbolise all that this country is famous for - appalling health and dietary standards, a bloody-minded certainty and a soaring talent in something most of us would call inconsequential.
Creative, glamorous and daring; they sit on a common ground of sheer bloody-minded non-confor mity.
Even bloody-minded authoritarians are less sturdy than they look to Westerners who mistake fear and order for consent.
That is how bloody-minded and driven Sarries can be, and they face an Exiles team lacking in confidence.
These lads have been knocked from every angle but they tend to get stronger and more bloody-minded.
Scotland were penned in their own half for virtually the entire 80 minutes and, despite a magnificent defensive effort, their victory owed as much to outrageous fortune as to bloody-minded defiance.
Being bloody-minded seems to be part of the human condition.
He was elbowed out of the one-day captaincy for KP just two days after one of most defiant, bloody-minded centuries of recent years.