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a segmented marine worm with bright red body

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THRUNTON LONG CRAG FISHERY 01665 574400 / Mob 07795 002607 The calmer days saw fish near the surface with pink Bloodworm and lures doing well.
FLY BOX Chatton: Buzzers, Bloodworms, Cormorants, Cat's Whiskers, Montanas, Zonkers.
Over the last week nine anglers caught six trout, with worm and PowerBait cocktail the best baits and, Silver Invicta, Black Buzzer and Bloodworm.
South Linden: Bloodworm, Diawl Bach, black lures, Black Cat.
Phil, Davie and Steve Bilbrough from Newcastle had 18, 17 and 18 respectively on Bloodworm, Blobs, Black Fritz, Montana and Mini Cats Whisker.
In 27 of 36 groups, the first guppy to strike the bloodworm feast was female.
Jubilee: Black Zonkers, Black Cat's Whisker, Black Buzzer, Black Dog Nobbler, Black Diawl Bach, Orange Blob Yellow/ Red Bloodworm, Damsels.
Top flies were: various Bloodworms, Buzzers, Yellow Dancer, Black and Green Lures, Montana and the Diawl Bach.
FIRST time visitor 67-year-old Derek Young showed his junior friends how to fish at STONEBRIDGE, landing his lifetime best in the form of a perfectly-finned 18lb 4oz rainbow, which fell to a Yellow Bloodworm.
People who collect too many bloodworms for fishing make life tough for migrating shorebirds.
Corbina also hit mussels, clams, bloodworms, sandworms, ghost shrimp, soft-shelled China crabs and grunions, as well as artificial grubs, some lures and saltwater flies that resemble anchovies, sculpins or other near-shore fish that they dine on.
Thrunton: Buzzers, Bloodworms, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Damsels, Dawson's Olive, Cat's Whisker, Diawl Bach, Hare's Ear, black lures.
Ken Ward from Cramlington released nine trout using Bloodworms including two at 7lb and five at 5lb.
The best patterns include: Blobs, Nomads, Black Fritz, Montana and Bloodworms.
Use a supposedly can't-miss bait - in this case bloodworms - on an unsuspecting target - in this case barred perch - with all the wrong gear.