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Synonyms for bloodsucker

one who depends on another for support without reciprocating

Synonyms for bloodsucker

carnivorous or bloodsucking aquatic or terrestrial worms typically having a sucker at each end

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Following, at 6:35 PM (ET), Bella Lugosi sets the standard for the Transylvanian bloodsucker in DRACULA (1931), directed by Tod Browning.
It's not helped by the fact he's chained up like an animal - but mostly the brooding bloodsucker just wants to pull on his marigolds and sort out the untidy house.
Lina Leandersson stars a child bloodsucker, with Kare Hedebrant as the boy she wants to help keep her in blood.
He turns to a foulmouthed magician with a horror-themed Las Vegas show to help him slay the bloodsucker before he murders the entire neighbourhood.
s romantic bloodsucker Edward Cullen, the Brit has been putting the uncomfortable coloured lenses in his eyes for years - and Pattinson admits he literally has to be held down while make-up artists put them in.
Not only have the Twilight novels and films left many teenage girls dreaming of dating a bloodsucker, the series True Blood has also gathered a cult following, and now this new drama has come along to hook the rest of us.
Californian-born James, who has fooled millions into thinking he is a true Brit by playing English bloodsucker Spike, is the lead singer of indie rock band Ghost Of The Robot.
In the end, he wasn't half bad as the bloodsucker who teaches Brad Pitt to be an immortal.
GEORGE A Romero's vampire flick Martin casts a long shadow over this tale of a young urban bloodsucker.
Dark Shadows' is a vampire flick and tells the tale of bloodsucker Barnabas Collins, played by Depp.
Unfortunately, slaying a fellow vampire is about as low as a bloodsucker can get, and that means Bill has to face the consequences in what will turn out to be the weirdest court case TV has seen for some time.
He says the part hammered home to him how far his career has changed from early roles, such as the IRA man in Neil Jordan's The Crying Game" and an evil bloodsucker in Interview With A Vampire.
Though inevitably more stylish and visually imaginative than the first, generic entry in the Wesley Snipes franchise, ``Blade II'' is still top- heavy with blazing guns, cheatfully filmed martial arts, disintegrating bloodsucker computer effects and jagged camera moves that serve no other purpose than to call attention to themselves.
He agrees to join the circus, learning the ways of the undead from the bloodsucker who transformed him, but is drawn into a war with a rival vampire faction.
Having landed a job in a small British town, our unnamed hero is struck with a Job-like curse courtesy of a sexy young bloodsucker who turns up at his church one night.