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covered with blood


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He added: "It is likely that the offender will be bloodstained and I would appeal to anyone who has suspicions regarding a relative, friend, neighbour or associate to get in touch.
The victim's bloodstained seats of a car Haun rented just before Sherri Dally disappeared.
This guy with a dodgy, bloodstained knee managed to hobble out of the hospital.
Plus, 10 new castle designs, 20 all-new battle maps, a map editor, and more aggressive artificial intelligence, take the Lords of the Realm II Siege Pack to the next level -- one bloodstained step closer to the English throne.
Marie Reid, 63, was found dead in her living room wearing a bloodstained nightie four days after Jay Soso attacked her.
Carmen Eckhoff, a senior forensic biologist based in Darwin, said DNA taken from Miss Lees's bloodstained T-shirt was an "exact match" with a profile from Murdoch's mouth.
They renewed their appeal for help in finding the knife used to stab Hayley in the throat or bloodstained clothing worn by her killer.
AUSTRALIA: Police were running tests yesterday on a shredded and bloodstained wetsuit found on a north Queensland beach to establish whether it was worn by one of two American divers who disappeared last year.
The light blue bloodstained shirt was bought by Whiskey Pete's Casino in Primm, Nev.
COPS found a bloodstained jacket in the bedroom of a teenager accused of murder.
Police are studying close-circuit television film for someone heavily bloodstained after the body of a woman with multiple stab wounds was found in a suitcase at Heathrow.
Earlier, the trial heard that a bloodstained Allen had arrived at his uncle Barry's house, a few doors down from Mr Black's.
INNOCENT: A bloodstained Afghan child injured in a US bombing raid lies unconscious in hospital in Kabul yesterday
Mr Farrell said: "The stairs and walls were bloodstained and at the foot of the stairs there was further, heavy bloodstaining.
Whoever was responsible may have bloodstained clothing.