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a desire for bloodshed

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For Johnstone, who runs Newcastle-based company 24:25 Films with producer Steve O'Brien, the release of Bloodlust will mark the culmiantion of many years of hard work that involved local fundraising to finance the shoot, then a battle to win commercial interest at Cannes film festival.
Bloodlust, shot at Featherstone Castle in Haltwhistle with a cast including local talents and actors from as far afield as Australia and Syria, centres on 10 couples who sign up to undergo medical testing for a month but fall victim to vampires.
It is not about bloodlust but a matter of fighting a militant mindset.
20PM Terminal Island inmate Jason Statham (above) races for the benefit of reality TV bloodlust DEATH RACE ITV4 10.
BLOODLUST Ferrell wants US Open to be more of a Hunger Games
This was, of course, a futile aim, for the people of this city - no matter their colour, creed or beliefs - have too much goodwill and common sense to be whipped into frenzied bloodlust by such misguided maniacs.
The most alarming aspect of the video to me, however, was the seemly delightful bloodlust they appeared to have.
Tom and Alex elect to set him free, but can only hope he can keep his bloodlust in check.
This is not the first time they have targeted children, the attack on Parade Lane, Rawalpindi is a painful reminder of their bloodlust.
Matching the Queen's bloodlust is the Cook, Kristen McNally, who stomps and slashes her shining cleaver with relish.
In keeping with the literary supernatural tradition there are superpowers to face, bloodlust to assuage, and enough fairytale elements to ensure the novel's readability.
WITH THEIR BLOODLUST AND IMMORTALITY, vampires mirror adolescent struggles with sexuality and teenagers' reckless denial of their mortality.
Gothic terrors; incarceration, duplication, and bloodlust in Spanish narrative.
As the party is called the Bloodlust Ball, surely the question is not why Jordan is going, but why a young Royal thinks it's wise to rock up.