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a desire for bloodshed

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SOBERING political reality trumps blood-saturated fiction in the third instalment of James DeMonaco's horror series, set in a dystopian America which has legalised murder for 12 hours every March to sate the population's bloodlust and reduce crime levels for the rest of the year.
FOOTAGE of American Josh Bowmar spearing a bear to death to fulfil his bloodlust saw hunting stoop to a new barbaric low.
Death counts: The Iranian media last week highlighted a new UN report that says Israel killed more Palestinians last year than in any year since the 1967 war That number was 1,500, which was touted as an indicator of Israeli bloodlust.
Bloodlust, shot at Featherstone Castle in Haltwhistle, is the debut feature film of North Tyneside director Richard Johnstone, and was snapped up by a Canadian sales company and UK distributor, who planned to issue it on February 9.
In Pakistan and globally, terrorism is more than just bloodlust and butchery -- it is a system overhaul religious form of order instead of a secular one, fuelled by an ideology of violence disguised as religion.
We have come a little way since the Roman Games of 2000 years ago: the EU and Spanish government should put an end to these witless orgies of bloodlust as soon as possible.
It hardly makes sense to try and inject it with a measure of perspective and nuance; just ask David Brooks, who attempted to do just that in a fine column decrying the "primitive zero-sum mentality" that argues that "growing affluence for the rich must somehow be causing the immobility of the poor," and was in turn greeted by hordes of Internet trolls who approached him with the same gleeful bloodlust that Saint George reserved for drowsy dragons.
Incarceration, Duplication, and Bloodlust in Spanish Narrative.
Heartening because the remarkable young woman's recovery sends a signal to such fanatics their primitive beliefs and vicious bloodlust will not succeed.
Pumping fresh juice into the formula by way of villains driven by economic imperatives rather than bloodlust, and victims more concerned with workshopping relationship issues than escaping certain death, the pic is primed to please gorehounds and has sufficient smarts to attract more upscale viewers.
In keeping with the literary supernatural tradition there are superpowers to face, bloodlust to assuage, and enough fairytale elements to ensure the novel's readability.
WITH THEIR BLOODLUST AND IMMORTALITY, vampires mirror adolescent struggles with sexuality and teenagers' reckless denial of their mortality.
Gothic terrors; incarceration, duplication, and bloodlust in Spanish narrative.
The result is Restrepo, a harrowing documentary that tracks the deployment of a scrappy 15-man platoon from the 173rd Airborne through its life cycle, from naive bloodlust to fatigue and disillusionment.