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Synonyms for bloodiness

a disposition to shed blood

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Some viewers have certainly reacted to the bloodiness of the images but not the personalities depicted.
Nonetheless, the "regime of blood" disregarded these calls and proceeded with its bloodiness, which pushed Riyadh to summon its ambassador in Damascus.
In reality, the bloodiness of the day centred on a small number of men in Support Company and Jackson blames that on "a complete loss of command and controls" by those in charge.
Thirty years ago, in February 1982, the regime of Hafez al-Assad committed the Hama massacre whose bloodiness exceeded the Israeli massacres.
Only then would the regime be able to confirm its willingness to engage in dialogue with the opposition to put an end to the previous behavior - which was characterized by excessive bloodiness throughout the past months - and agree over the alternative that would earn popular acceptance to end the crisis.
On the day that was supposed to be governed by calm and stability throughout the country on the occasion of the municipal elections, Syria witnessed bloodiness and the country was divided between regions that are controlled by the government and its apparatuses and that participated in the elections, and regions that witnessed a general strike and the boycotting of the process.
Standing in the face of these revolutions in addition to providing moral and political support to a regime that is escalating its bloodiness and thus revealing the depth of its crisis, constitutes a definite equation for summoning additional anger that will perhaps be difficult to control once change has occurred.
It is dominated by bloodiness and the international figures previously showed the size of the massacres committed against the citizens, in parallel to racial clashes that surface from time to time and are attributed to the government, not the people.
A lot can be said about Gaddafi's bloodiness, tyranny and isolation from the world and especially from the Libyan people and their aspirations.
Indeed, as much as Iran militarized and isolated "Hamas's Intifada," Marmara's peaceful action exposed the depth and bloodiness of Israeli brutality and forced all the major states - without an exception - to seek ways to change the painful reality.
In each aggression, Israel's bloodiness and the barbarism of its military leaders grow compared to the previous one, in order to humiliate Arab societies, wear down civilians and drive them to despair about their cause, due to the excessive amount of blood they shed and the tribulations they face, and even when Israel stumbles and fails in some of its military plans, it relies on the divisions in the ranks of those it opposes.
I went to see The Passion Of The Christ and spent most of it with one hand clamped to my face, shielding my eyes from all the truly awful bloodiness.
It seems that the low intensity violence and unacceptable behaviour which is part of our lives here flares up every so often into bloodiness and death.
Above him, two doves, one white and one black, hold aloft a white scroll with the words "A few small nips," and the frame itself is splotched with red, to underline the sordid bloodiness of the scene.
The bloodiness of the conflict, the bellicosity of the preachers, the suffering that the Northern armies eventually wreaked on the crumbling South--none of these is explicable without a consideration of how high the stakes seemed to be on both sides, how firmly each believed that not only their own nation's survival but civilization itself depended on the outcome.