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Synonyms for bloodcurdling

causing great horror

Synonyms for bloodcurdling

extremely alarming

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After his bloodcurdling threat of murdering activists - him being a minister is unacceptable
It was bloodcurdling, like something you would hear in a horror movie.
Like the ability to make bloodcurdling macho threats?
Mrs Boanas, 67, said: "No doubt some pretty bloodcurdling things happened around the castle but to us it has always been a family home.
Finally during science class, Frankie makes a potion that helps him grow two long, bloodcurdling fangs
Or delve into bloodcurdling history at the Edinburgh Dungeon, with actors, shows and special effects transporting you back to those times.
A reminder of bloodcurdling reality ruined the second Wallace campaign for president in 1968.
Players can wander through the theme park they create, entertain themselves with the sideshows and actually ride the bloodcurdling five-loop roller coaster they've built.
LVyV (CyHAN)- A new bloodcurdling footage taken soon after exploded Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was downed in Ukraine was broadcasted by Russian RT television.
Yet, it is Gibson the director who draws the most kudos, with a natural affinity for spectacle and bloodcurdling battle scenes, without giving short shrift to the human element.
After a prolonged courtship while fighting the Royalists (and some bloodcurdling battle scenes), the two men form an erotic bond that by turns bewilders, softens, and inflames the volatile Jacob.
His calls were answered--met by bloodcurdling cheers and screams from the Hessians in the audience, which soon after were drowned out by the speeding riffs of nihilistic metal corruption.
financial markets, after the bloodcurdling bust of 200-02.
One of the 4-year-old triplets who lives next door was wailing like a trapped banshee and her dad, my neighbor, was desperate to stop the bloodcurdling noise.
Most bloodcurdling moment: After Bush boasted of apprehending 3,000 suspected terrorists, he said, "And many others have met a different fate.