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marked by great zeal or violence

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Saturating the network with blood-and-guts reality specials has undercut what we've done.
Parents who object to blood-and-guts games now have an alternative title that gives kids the kind of intense action they want to see in fighting games," Brian Fargo, president of Interplay, explained.
In the context of recent British art, Chadwick supplies a missing link between dryly intellectual yet body-conscious work like Mary Kelly's Post-Partum Document, 1973-79, and that of blood-and-guts sensationalists such as Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, and Marc Quinn--if anybody wants one.
Soldier'' is passable entertainment for the blood-and-guts crowd, but with a little effort, it could have been a pretty good movie.
Ground Chuck, Lengua (Tongue), and Sausage (all from the "Meat" series, 2002) are tough pictures of butchered flesh but without the blood-and-guts drama of Francis Bacon.