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Stop smoking: Smoking is especially dangerous for people with diabetes who are at risk for heart and blood vessel diseases.
Cardiovascular disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about heart and blood vessel diseases and disorders, 4th ed.
These findings suggest a possible reason why the rate of heart attacks and other cardiovascular events increase with exposure to air pollution for people with heart and blood vessel disease," says Robert D.
Dementia is often caused by Alzheimer's disease, but it can have other causes, including Parkinson's disease and blood vessel disease that reduces blood flow to the brain.
Kenneth Mukamal, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard University believes the study points towards a possible link between flavonoid intake and a lower risk of coronary heart disease and a lower risk of death in people suffering from heart or blood vessel disease.
Findings support those from previous studies that linked flavonoid consumption to a lower risk of coronary heart disease and a lower risk of death in people who have heart or blood vessel disease.
The overwhelming majority suggests that vitamin C is actually protective against heart and blood vessel disease.
Those at greatest risk include children with chickenpox; persons with suppressed immune systems; burn victims; elderly persons with cellulitis, diabetes, blood vessel disease, or cancer; and persons taking steroid treatments or chemotherapy.
All three factors put people at increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease, including strokes and heart attacks.
Those with cardiovascular or blood vessel disease have an increased need for air and blood supply when exercising outdoors in cold weather, yet when their vessels are restricted, they cannot produce as much.
This is the main cause of heart and blood vessel disease.
of heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure, blood vessel disease that may require amputation and nerve damage.
So, as a result of that, any risk factor that can predispose you to developing blood vessel disease will automatically enhance your risk of heart failure over time.
Longer-term cognitive decline, however, has been identified in some bypass patients to result from an underlying blood vessel disease associated with the patient's cardiovascular condition, rather than the bypass itself.
There is evidence that these interventions also may have a protective effect when it comes to the development of AD, but it's possible they may actually be acting on non-AD pathology--such as blood vessel disease.