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For more than a decade, Adjunct Professor Petri Salven from the University of Helsinki has studied the mechanisms of angiogenesis to discover how blood vessel growth could be prevented or accelerated effectively.
Tackling uncontrolled blood vessel growth has become a key anti-cancer strategy of drug companies.
When injected into the eyes of newborn mice, a type of hematopoietic stem cell grew into blood vessels and possibly prevented a genetic form of blindness that normally occurs in this strain of mouse.
And one new study shows that boys as young as 15 can start to experience clogged coronary arteries, blood vessels that supply vital oxygen-rich blood to the heart (see diagram, right).
Patients whose blood vessels are significantly blocked and whose hearts are not receiving enough blood, will be eligible for the trials.
In fact, she says, this very approach is being taken in some animal studies using antibodies against molecules involved in the adhesion of inflammatory cells to blood vessel walls.
Then they inflate the balloon, which widens the opening in the blood vessel.
They found that many of the blood-vessel cells within the tumours contained genetic markers characteristic of the cancer cells, suggesting that the blood vessels were of tumour origin.
Finally, they withdraw the tube and seed each nascent vessel with cells taken from the lining of one of the patient's blood vessels.
Blood vessels made from human cells, magnified 26 times.
The idea is to inject extra genes directly into the heart that will trigger it to sprout new blood vessels within two to three weeks.
An MRI can immediately demonstrate areas of brain injury, outline areas of critically reduced blood flow and clarify which blood vessel is blocked.
They found that a protein called ferritin binds to and cripples the ability of another blood protein, called HKa, to shut down blood vessel growth.
Either of these conditions can set in motion a chain reaction that builds up scar tissue and, over years, creates new, weak blood vessels that leak and obscure vision.
High blood pressure can cause blood vessels to age before their time, new research suggests.