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a serologic analysis of a sample of blood

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We also used blood tests to build a picture of how the cancer was evolving over time.
Although accustomed to getting blood drawn after the presence of symptoms or illness, more than half of consumers 58% say their doctor does not order blood tests for them as part of wellness monitoring.
The Blood Test Super Sale lasts only two months, so please order your requisition kit soon to take advantage of these extra discounted prices.
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust has installed a senior hospital phlebotomist one day a week at the superstore at Great Bridge, West Bromwich, to ease the strain caused by the 38,000 monthly blood tests it carries out.
Well I think they should have money for something like a simple blood test.
Of those who did not have a fecal occult blood test in the previous year, 22.
Pugh offered free blood tests to worried parents which would prove whether or not children were inoculated.
Still, many doctors of children in high-risk ZIP codes often won't do the blood test until asked on school physical forms.
COMMONWEALTH athletes may be required to undergo blood tests to catch drug cheats.
In general oral tests have been found to be just as accurate, but Liska believes "the oral fluid test may not be as sensitive for early seroconverters as the blood test.
You'll probably need to have the blood test repeated, too.
pylori may be diagnosed with a blood test, breath test, or tissue test.
Because the blood level of lithium rises rapidly for a few hours after swallowing a lithium pill and then slowly levels off, having a blood test right after taking the drug can mislead the doctor into thinking that the dose is too high.
Northwest, having found a copilot, took Morrison off the plane during a stopover in San Francisco, and gave him a blood test.
Findings Could be Basis for Power3's Second Early Detection Breast Cancer Blood Test