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glucose in the bloodstream

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What we have found is potentially important in explaining a possible mechanism by which low overnight blood sugars lead to prolonged, slow heart rates that could disturb blood flow to the heart, causing life-threatening heart attacks,' said Simon Heller, a professor from University of Sheffield in Britain.
Schwartzbaum and her collaborators evaluated blood sugar and diabetes data and its relationship to subsequent development of brain cancer and found that those with elevated blood sugar and diabetes had a lower risk of developing glioma.
Adhering to the guidelines your father has been given for controlling his diabetes is vital to ensure that his blood sugar does not increase above safe levels.
Since juices, dates, pastries and desserts cause a sharp increase in blood sugar level, diabetics should try to avoid them or control their intake.
Among those who had prediabetes, blood sugar levels, measured throughout the day, were 8 percent higher after a month of eating the carb-rich meals later in the day than after a month of eating them earlier.
A total of 161 people took part in the study, each one in need of insulin injections several times per day in order to keep their blood sugar levels in check.
Blood sugar becomes a problem when excess glucose builds up in your bloodstream after you eat.
People with diabetes need to monitor blood sugar levels carefully so they take the right amount of medication.
The study showed that following a condition of low blood sugar (also known as hypoglycaemia), insulin-treated patients who suffered from diabetes faced a 60 percent higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular events.
The inventor of the Non-Invasive Blood Sugar Reading has developed a working prototype that has been utilized with success.
When your blood sugar levels drop, you don't feel well--nausea, headaches, dizziness, and irritability are all symptoms.
8, 2013 in the New England Journal of Medicine linked elevated blood sugar levels in older adults--even those without diabetes--with heightened risk for dementia.
ISLAMABAD -- High blood sugar may still be linked to a raised risk of memory problems, a new study suggests.
The new study tracked blood sugar over time in all sorts of people -- with and without diabetes -- to see how it affects risk for the mind-robbing disease.