blood stream

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the blood flowing through the circulatory system

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Children's HealthSM, a pediatric health system in North Texas, in collaboration with Japan-based Toyota Motor Corporation (NYSE: TM), has decreased rates of central line-associated blood stream infections by 75 percent with patients in the gastroenterology unit.
The body's natural gastric juices normally break down pills before they reach the blood stream.
The research team gave baboons and humans a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) called meloxicam and they saw a subsequent increase in the numbers of hematopoietic stem cells in the blood stream.
Outcome measures included the incidence of one or more episodes of blood stream infection, urinary tract infection, meningitis, and/or necrotizing enterocolitis after 72 hours.
Our NICU team's dedication to eliminating catheter-related blood stream infections for these fragile, immune-compromised infants illustrates our mission in action.
Today he urged all Merseyside parents to regularly brush their children's teeth to kill bacteria from the mouth which enters the blood stream through rotting gums.
Ventilator associated pneumonia case incidence is 86 percent below the national average, the hospital said, and the rate of blood stream infections has improved by 53 percent.
Once T cells and other immune cells have become fully activated (which usually takes place while the cells are in one of the body's lymph nodes), they use certain molecules on their surface to control their movement out of lymph nodes and into the blood stream.
This is caused when small amounts of bacteria get released into the blood stream and become embedded on the damaged area of the heart.
5 microns and can get trapped deep in the lungs and move into the blood stream.
Coconut Cures describes why coconut water can be used and useful as an IV solution for sick patients because it has a chemical composition similar to human plasma and therefore injected directly into the blood stream while be a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
The study showed these effects are due to something in the younger mice's blood stream activating so-called 'progenitor cells' in the elder animals rather than these cells being introduced from its partner.
Despite insulin telling cells to take in sugar from the blood stream, cells don't respond and blood sugar levels can go too high.
Like other variant surface antigens, it enables infected cells to remain in the blood stream and reproduce, rather than being removed by the spleen.
Oranges have a lower glycemic index than bagels, whose sugars enter the blood stream more rapidly, so orange juice may not trigger the symptoms as severely or as often.