blood sport

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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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AMD led the charge into this new gaming realm with the introduction of its innovative AMD64 technology more than two years ago, and Bet on Soldier: Blood Sport promises to be a riveting addition to the growing line-up of 64-bit games.
League Against Cruel Sports chief Joe Duckworth said: "Hunting is a barbaric blood sport belonging to the past.
THE Labour party was last night accused of making a cynical U-turn on its position on blood sports.
But county officials say the ordinance would bolster efforts to stop the illegal blood sport of cockfighting.
TEARING Ken Livingstone apart seems to be a new blood sport despite the ban on hunting with hounds.
She said: "We were hoping the Green Party would put a stop to this horror blood sport but now the Minister is handing out licences to the clubs.
LONDON, June 22 /PRNewswire/ -- French developer Kylotonn and Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters, who have been working closely with AMD throughout the development of their forthcoming FPS Bet On Soldier: Blood Sport, today announced that the game will ship with a 64-bit version that has been specifically optimised to take full advantage of the processing power of the 64-bit AMD Athlon(TM) 64 FX processor.
Pro-hunting protesters have thrown a brick through the window of North East Labour MP Ronnie Campbell, a leading campaigner to get the blood sport banned.
Even better, for real fun we should set the dogs on those thuggish blood sport supporters.
Attacking and demonizing the federal courts has always been the blood sport of demagogues and those with small minds.
Around 20 men and women, wearing black balaclavas and black combat gear, descended on the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent Hunt in Chidding- stone soon after it started to protest about the blood sport, which could be in its last season if Parliament bans it.
He posits a "genetic yearning for the spiritual through blood sport that lies deep within the hind brain of us all.
The Joffrey was being subjected, I suspect, to a bit of Yank bashing, which bad-mannered Brits still consider a jolly blood sport.
The litmus test on what these exemplars of honest government consider Conduct Unbecoming arrived with Pulitzer prize winner James Stewart's Blood Sport.
MMA isn't a barbaric underground blood sport like it has been depicted in the past by other filmmakers.