blood sport

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sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)

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Despite all the high-minded dust-jacket blather about Pulitzer Prizes, "political power and its limitations," and such, it is the primary function of books like Blood Sport to dish the dirt to the gullible mob.
Blind eyes have been turned for years on what is a bloody, barbaric cash-rich blood sport run by some dangerous and unpleasant people.
But yesterday animal rights activists condemned her for joining the growing band of celebrities taking up blood sports.
For example, Blood Sport takes the time to paint the first well-rounded picture of the late Vincent Foster, whose suicide is the one undeniably tragic aspect to this story.
But more than 50 politicians want it to be the last - in which 41 million birds are purpose-bred in cages and pens for the blood sport.
It has emerged in recent days that the blood sport is now being promoted by younger members of the families of former veteran cockfight organisers in the Cavan/Fermanagh and Monaghan/Tyrone cross-border region.
OUR loyal readers have been right behind our campaign to keep the ban on the barbaric blood sport - and today we thank you.
SICKENING 3 SICKENED animal inspectors believe a deer found hanging from a tree could have been killed as part of a "barbaric" blood sport.
I hope that all who find this form of blood sport odious will not favour the Tories with their vote.
Human beings who support such blood sport s,and even gamble on the outcome, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
Hunters prefer to keep their unpleasant secrets out of the public eye, but it is important to examine what really happens in the industry before MPs vote tomorrow on a Tory plot to revive the blood sport by the back door.
The move comes after Fiona, who lives in Northumberland, was informed up to quarter of a million bulls are killed in the blood sport every year.
It is an issue that has bedeviled Labour since they pledged to ban the blood sport in 1997 and one that has been repeatedly called for by government backbenchers for the past seven years.