blood serum

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an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulates

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reagents for the determination of sodium in blood serum (turbo-metric method) (according to the procurement task)
A Phase III study revealed that with ZS-9, patients with hyperkalaemia had significantly reduced or normal levels of blood serum potassium within 48 hours, lasting up to 28 days.
The aptasensor can detect cocaine in human blood serum at detection limit of 150 picomolar.
The sensor is extremely sensitive to tiny bending signals caused by its interactions with the antibiotics, in this case, the FDA-approved vancomycin and the yet to be approved oritavancin, which appears to deal with certain vancomycin-resistant bacteria, in the blood serum.
The aim of our study was to survey the OTA concentration in the blood serum and kidneys from 101 wild boars hunted in their natural habitat (i.
It was evaluated by the addition of blood serum in RS reduces the induction time of satable pit formation and enhances the tendancy of metastable pitting but increased the resistance of stable pit formation with slight increase in pitting current (11.
In the model experiment (8 weeks) we observed the impact of dry extract of Eleutherococcus senticosus on the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in blood serum of laying hens Hisex braun hybrid.
MethylScreen assays provide critical clinical information about disease progression using blood serum and other easily collected patient samples.
The purpose of this blood serum test is to diagnose whether a patient has AD and distinguish that from geriatric patients who have no signs of dementia and from patients who have AD like symptoms but do not have AD," says Ira L.
The pharmaceutical industry currently uses gamma globulin preparations extracted and refined from human blood serum.
Studies have shown a positive association between ozone exposure and increased concentrations of CC16 in blood serum, leading researchers to suggest that ozone exposure damages the lung epithelium, causing it to "leak" proteins such as CC16.
The Nebraska researchers used blood serum from nine subjects known to have a Brazil nut allergy and compared how it reacted with extracts from Brazil nuts, conventional soybeans and the modified, or transgenic, soybeans.
The prospective study, being conducted at Conemaugh Cancer Center, in Johnstown, PA, provides for the evaluation of blood serum samples from patients confirmed with pancreatic or colon cancer.