blood relative

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one related by blood or origin

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The team found that blood relatives of flu victims were more likely to die than non-relatives, even during different flu outbreaks.
Premiering March 17, Blood Relative is arguably the 27-year-old ensemble's most poignant work to date.
And if a cohabiting partner dies without making a will their estate automatically passes to their closest blood relative - their children if they have any, followed by their parents, any brothers or sisters, or any other relatives - and not their partner.
The fortune stays there until a blood relative can be found.
He said he had been told by the authorities that since he was not a blood relative or spouse he could not go in.
Even though he is not your blood relative, since your parents are married, you two are family and will always be in each other's lives.
According to the spokesman of district administration, the required documents for verification process include land record registered prior to 1978 (verified by Revenue Dept), local certificate/domicile prior to 1978 verified by issuing authority, pedigree (Shajra-e-Nasab) issued and verified from revenue dept, government employment certificate of an individual or blood relative (Parents,/Siblings/Children) employed prior to 1990, verified
To be a living donor, you must be a blood relative and, for liver transplants, have the same blood type.
He said he had made a genuine mistake as he thought it had to be a blood relative.
Elwi's husband has come in for severe criticism in Egypt, after the January 25 revolution, as he is a blood relative of ousted former president Hosni Mubarak.
A RETIRED head teacher is embroiled in a battle to prove he is a blood relative of the Earl of Carnarvon - whose Hampshire stately home is the setting for ITV's popular period drama Downton Abbey.
Her solicitor says I am not entitled to anything as I am not a blood relative but I always knew her as auntie.