blood relative

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one related by blood or origin

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If a blood relative of a person listed on the QLTR'QL s website list of 'estates reported to the QLTRQL but not yet determined if a UH estate or formally accepted as one', wishes to claim an estate, they should contact the QLTR QL office, contact details as follows:
For someone who is not even a blood relative to even think about doing this is amazing.
Her solicitor says I am not entitled to anything as I am not a blood relative but I always knew her as auntie.
All of their estate would instead go to the closest blood relative.
Investigators say the only blood relative of Wickers they have been able to find is a nephew in Utah.
He said he had been told by the authorities that since he was not a blood relative or spouse he could not go in.
It is clear, however, that anyone who has a blood relative with diabetes is at risk for developing the disease.
The current findings are consistent with the hypothesis that this increased retention of lead in blood relative to bone increases its availability to target tissues and hence its toxicity.
We ask them to consider looking to a family member here to donate a kidney or if the person abroad is truly a blood relative to bring them to England so the operation can be done here.
Twelve of the families included a blood relative who had brain cancer.
Only one of Gregorio Dati's coparents was a blood relative, his brother.
About 20 percent of people with Crohn's disease have a blood relative with some form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
One's nation is more important than any blood relative or any other thing," he added.