blood relation

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one related by blood or origin

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Among women having had a blood relation with their husbands, those who were married to their first cousins from their father's side reported highest proportions of physical violence sequel with the exception of serious injuries, in which case women having 'other' type of blood relationship reported highest proportion of physical violence sequel.
Magistrate Adejumoke Ademola-Olowolagba, who gave the ruling, said the sureties must swear to the affidavit of means, while one of the sureties must be a blood relation of the accused.
The boy has no blood relation with the victims because he was adopted by the mother of the two sisters.
Meanwhile, Egypt's foreign ministry spokesperson, Badr Abdel-ti, denied that relations between Khartoum and Cairo is facing a crisis, describing ties between the two countries as eternal and blood relation.
I have just discovered that a blood relation has died without leaving a will.
What blood relation was Prince Albert to Queen Victoria?
It is not a joke as this blood relation is what concerns goat buyers and owners in the Kingdom.
Other essays delineate the importance of grandmother connections even when grandmother isn't a blood relation.
I don't care about blood relation which indulges in selfish politics," he said in a statement here on Monday night.
Although not a blood relation, Obama often refers to her as his grandmother.
She said: "They give you a full MoT, lots of blood tests, an MRI scan, kidney function tests and all sorts, particularly for me as I wasn't a blood relation so it wasn't a case of matching blood groups.
And if he is a real uncle, a blood relation, a sexual relationship between you is against the law.
The torment felt by all sides resurfaced in a family feud when Jones's sisters applied to administer Maria's estate on behalf of her three sons - even though the eldest is no blood relation to the Jones family.
A police spokeswoman said: ``We believe this to be the result of a domestic row, we do not believe the victim was a blood relation of either person currently being questioned.
Local officials say marrying a blood relation is illegal but they have no plans to take action.