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52) Intriguingly, none of the patients had detectably low blood magnesium at the study's outset, suggesting that it's possible to be total-body deficient in magnesium, while still maintaining normal blood levels.
Then they looked at the blood magnesium levels of the participants.
Studies relating asthmatic attacks to blood magnesium levels have produced a confusing picture.
A woman with high blood pressure and low blood magnesium levels led scientists to the discovery.
Increased levels of blood magnesium help inhibit clogging of the arteries and thereby reduce heart disease risk.
There is mounting evidence that people with a number of diseases have lower blood magnesium levels, as measured by the only readily available method.
In a study of the effects of diuretics, the blood magnesium concentration of 320 elderly patients receiving diuretic therapy at the time of hospital admission was compared with that of 250 elderly patients who were not taking diuretics.