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Synonyms for blood

Synonyms for blood

the fluid circulated by the heart through the vascular system


the crime of murdering someone

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

noble rank or status by birth

Synonyms for blood

temperament or disposition

a dissolute man in fashionable society

people viewed as members of a group

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smear with blood, as in a hunting initiation rite, where the face of a person is smeared with the blood of the kill

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5%) of these patients had CSF lactate values above the 90th percentile, but we found no correlation between CSF and blood lactate values.
The speed corresponding to LM was determined for each participant from the blood lactate concentrations (mmol x [L.
Onset of blood lactate accumulation (4 mmol/L) has been used as a criterion to evaluate the exercise capacity of horses (Gondim et al.
Aerobic threshold has been considered to be the upper limit of a nearly exclusive aerobic metabolism based mainly on the blood lactate concentration (Kindermann et al.
Blood lactate was then measured two-hourly over the next 24 hours with peak lactate occurring within eight hours in all participants.
linear regression among 2008b) intensity and inverse of the time limit to exhaustion (1/ tlim) and/or a hyperbolic relationship between time limit and intensity Anaerobic threshold in a Intensity of an abrupt increase specific table tennis test of blood lactate during an (Morel and Zagatto, 2008; incremental test identified by Zagatto et al.
Some researchers have put the ideal pace for clearing blood lactate at 30% VO2max, others as high as 70%.
2], RPE, and blood lactate responses are presented in Figure 1, Panels A-D, respectively.
Heart rate, RPE and blood lactate levels were virtually the same between the two conditions.
Recover with easy jogging, which helps clear blood lactate and keeps muscles loose, in addition to further preventing a return to resting VO2.
This procedure lyses the red blood cells and produces higher blood lactate values.
In order to properly evaluate the Stinger conductive energy device, Wayne State designed research to study cardiac markers, including carbon dioxide pressure, blood lactate, cardiac output, and the cardiac marker Troponin 1.
Nevertheless, to see how Super Slow compared to traditional weight training in cardiovascular demands and caloric expenditure, researchers at the University of Alabama evaluated heart rate, energy use and blood lactate levels--the product of the transformation of glucose to energy during strenuous exercise--in seven resistance-trained men in their 20s.
Different forms of TRAD programs have been shown to increase both blood lactate (BLA) concentrations (Garbutt et al.
The Miami Children's Hospital study used point-of-care testing to monitor oxygen debt by measuring blood lactate for the first 24 hours post-surgery.