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a knot used for tying fishing leaders together


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But Fugard's collaborative work across the deep divisions of South African society began before The Blood Knot, with the first of his "township" plays, No-Good Friday.
11, by inviting audiences to tell their own coming out stories; and Upstream Theater performs Athol Fugard's Blood Knot.
In fact, one of the actors who was doing Blood Knot in South Africa once said to me, "If you haven't been in Athol Fugard's plays, then you know nothing.
A nonpolitical three-character play about white South Africians may seem a departure for the author of such tragedies about apartheid as The Blood Knot and "Master Harold" .
Leader-wise I put a Bimini twist on the rod end of my 16-pound tippet (which is the official class tippet size for the event) and tie on a 50-pound-test mono bite tippet with an improved blood knot.
A champion of the disenfranchised, the 63-year-old Fugard may no longer have a reason to lash out in angry protest, but the voice of dissident experience burnishes the profoundly moving Valley Song, whose sunniness remarkably contrasts with the gloom of The Blood Knot, Hello and Goodbye and Boesman and Lena.
During that original South African run of The Blood Knot, Fugard spoke to me of his roots in the Karoo--a starkly beautiful region of semi-desert in the Eastern Cape where he was born, grandson of an Afrikaner patriarch, Veldkornet Potgieter.
To get consistent bites, tie three feet of 10-pound fluorocarbon leader directly to your main line with a blood knot, then attach a razor-sharp No.
Parting casts: Before you start your Eastern Sierra odyssey, learn the two most important freshwater-fishing knots: the improved clinch knot, for tying on swivels, lures, flies and hooks, and the blood knot, for tying leader to line.
4) His recurring distrust of The Blood Knot ("That play is well and truly buried.
Throughout The Blood Knot, for example, an alarm clock is vociferously present.
His thoughts, much wilder and darker than you can imagine, bisect in blood knots in the trigger of his ribcage.
Short list: Open, Andre Agassi (Harper Collins): Trautmann's Journey, Catrine Clay (Yellow Jersey Press); A Last English Summer, Duncan Hamilton (Quercus); Blood Knots, Luke Jennings (Atlantic Books); Beware of the Dog, Brian Moore (Simon & Schuster); Bounce, Matthew Syed (4th Estate).
Nothing to Envy was chosen as the winner of the award from a shortlist which also included Alex's Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos; Blood Knots by Luke Jennings; Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin; A Gambling Man by Jenny Uglow; and Catching Fire: How Cooking Made us Human by Richard Wrangham.
6/10 NILIMA DEY SARKER Blood Knots by Luke Jennings is published in hardback by Atlantic, priced pounds 16.