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flatworms parasitic in the blood vessels of mammals

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However, of the 55 bodies of water where Bulinus snails were found, only 1 contained gastropods with Schistosoma cercariae, and results of a search for blood flukes in 220 small rodents (known for being susceptible to S.
CHGC implemented blood fluke genomics sequencing using the SGI RASC Appliance for Bioinformatics and SGI InfiniteStorage 350 storage solution.
Little is known on blood fluke diversity, host ranges, geographic ranges, and pathogenicity.
The tiny blood fluke (Schistosoma mansoni), for example, emerges from a snail and swims through tropical waters in Africa or South America in search of soft human skin.
Hashimoto, also a former minister of health and welfare, said in his keynote speech, "Japan successfully eradicated malaria and blood fluke after World War II.
Medical advances mean those infected with the blood fluke can now be treated, but many patients then seem to develop bladder cancer.
Schistosoma nasale caused Nasal schistosomosis is an important blood fluke disease in bovines especially cattle in India.
Professor Hoffmann and colleagues show for the first time that genomic DNA of the blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni is methylated and go on to identify the protein (a DNA methyltransferase) that is likely to mediate this process.
To help extinguish effects of the ancient parasite, the Schistosoma japonicum or blood fluke --one of the major infectious parasites to a wide range of hosts including primates, rodents, carnivores, and humans -- Chinese Scientists at the China National Human Genome Center (CHGC) in Shanghai are using SGI (NASDAQ:SGIC) compute technology running a Mitrion-accelerated BioInformatics application to improve early disease diagnosis and discover new drugs to effectively treat disease caused by this parasite.
Bullard had identified one novel parasite, a blood fluke.