blood feud

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a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other


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Consequently it means the sense of guilt loses its personal character and is reabsorbed in the consciousness of the community, reappearing not indeed in the old form of the blood feud, but in the parallel phenomena of racial hatred and class war, whereby the sense of guilt is extraverted and transferred to a guilty race or a guilty class which thus become psychological scape-goats.
Faisal Husseini is mediating disputes involving family matters, collaboration and blood feuds.
I have a blood feud with Walid Jumblatt," she snapped back, "because he killed over 150 Greek Orthodox civilians in Mount Lebanon; many being members of my family
Hatfield And McCoy Feud: Kingdom Of The Hollow, The Story Of The Hatfields And McCoys by Phillip Hardy (Staff Writer for the "Sound of the Sirens" online magazine) is the famous story of a blood feud between two struggling families and their kinfolk and friends in the years following the economic hardships which descended upon their mountain region after the end of the debilitating American Civil War.
All Danny needs now is an arch rival and Corrie will have recreated the historic Baldwin/Barlow blood feud.
who go to war when they discover that they share an ancient blood feud.
The best solution is not the shifting of Europe's borders along ethnic lines, but greater integration among European states that work together to make a virtue, not a blood feud, of diversity.
At the emergence of an internal divisive force such as a blood feud and a probable cycle of revenge, or an external force such as a foreign power's occupation of Egyptian soil, the two groups come together strongly.
In Naurang city, one Nazirullah was shot dead by Obedullah over blood feud.
The sentence, said tribal chiefs, was aimed at preventing the blood feud they expected would follow the murders, which would have likely cost many more lives.
Rebel leaders in northern Syria said on Friday that the assassination had shattered trust between the two sides and set off a blood feud between the disparate factions battling to oust the president, Bashar al-Assad.
Highly accessible to lay readers and scholars alike, The Sutton-Taylor Feud: The Deadliest Blood Feud in Texas is the shocking true story of a murderous blood feud that continued into the 1890s when the final court case was settled with a governmental pardon.
I'd advise them all to go on as 500lb threelegged lesbians locked in a blood feud with crocodile-eating swamp rednecks and finish their act with a food-fight.
Sharp-shooting Kate Beckinsale looks fetching in a black PVC jumpsuit as she falls for a handsome human (Scott Speedman) caught in the middle of an eternal blood feud.
Italian police described the murders - part of a 30-year blood feud - as "a massacre".