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By studying the young cells, the investigators hope to identify the genes used in making a mature red blood cell.
NeutroSpec offers the advantage of direct injection and in-vivo labeling of white blood cells, whereas currently available white blood cell labeling agents require a blood sample to be taken from the patient, processed by a nuclear pharmacy and then re-injected into the patient.
This is an advantage to busy donors who want to give two units of red blood cells with only one trip to the center.
OTC BB: SGNC), a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the development of an oxygen-carrying synthetic substitute for human red blood cells, today announced that in anticipation of commencing funding activities to raise capital for an animal trial program for its synthetic red blood cell substitute, PHER-O2, it has completed the reorganization of its financial statements.
If physicians can also control human stem-cell growth, it may aid cancer patients whose blood cells are obliterated by radiation or chemotherapy.
The study, presented today at the annual meeting of the AABB, found that a new filtration technology from Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL) reduces infectious vCJD prions from red blood cell concentrates, the most commonly transfused blood component.
stated, "PHER-O2's predecessor, Fluosol DA, which is the only oxygen-carrying synthetic red blood cell substitute to have received FDA approval, underwent 34 animal trials as part of its FDA approval.
Paul's team also describes evidence that a protein that stimulates red blood cell production may trigger this sex-ratio shift.
However, instead of attaching enzymes to hemoglobin, he and his colleagues are designing a biodegradable membrane that will contain hemoglobin, antioxidant enzymes, and other components of a red blood cell.
Cerus Corporation (NASDAQ:CERS) announced today the initiation of its Phase I clinical trial of the INTERCEPT red blood cell system, a proprietary system designed to improve blood safety by inactivating blood-borne pathogens in donated red blood cells for transfusion.
Our studies to date indicate that Lisofylline results in accelerated blood cell recovery through the regulation of a single therapeutic target -- PA," said Dr.
The clinical trial, however, found that patients with the higher red blood cell counts had slightly higher death rates.
It was processed into red blood cell samples that were designated either as test (filtered) or control (non-filtered) groups and then injected into healthy hamsters.
Seventeen days after she received a cup of her 4-year-old brother's bone marrow, it started battling Meghan's aggressive cancer, and her white blood cell count increased.
An analysis of 14 randomized clinical trials demonstrate that granulocyte colony-stimulating factors (G-CSFs) administered in the first and subsequent cycles of chemotherapy reduce the incidence of febrile neutropenia (low white blood cell count with fever) and infection-related mortality in cancer patients.