blood blister

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blister containing blood or bloody serum usually caused by an injury

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This is definitely something your vet should take a look at as a blood blister occurs because of trauma before eventually being reabsorbed by the body.
Gary Keedy was suffering from a blood blister on his bowling hand
I should cite the curious infection he contracted (a live insect in a blood blister on his chest), after the removal of which he hit upon reading Gotthelf's novella "Die schwarze Spinne" (Eng.
This feels good to another donkey, but to human skin it is most uncomfortable, especially the blood blister at the end.
Aston Villa striker tried to burst a blood blister on his toe with a drill.
Debbie's problems began when she developed a blood blister after a routine hip operation.
After all, we all remember what happened when Darius Vassell took a Black & Decker drill to an irritating blood blister that had developed under his toe.
She has had a blood blister in her foot but is nearly over that so she should be back soon.
I was singing it so much I gave myself a blood blister on my tongue and I couldn't eat my Christmas dinner.
Certainly, Jane Aston didn't - not until the mousetrap that is one of the props snapped onto the middle finger of her left hand, giving her an outsize bruise on most of it and a big blood blister at the top.
Escobar, who developed a blood blister in his start last Friday against the Chicago White Sox, had his regular spot in the rotation taken by Kevin Gregg on Thursday.
Once was at the Olympic Games in 1948, when he pickled his feet too hard in potash permanganate and developed a blood blister on which it was impossible to run.
He found he had a blood blister and a small cut which was bleeding heavily and saw two youths walking off at speed.
He had a blood blister on his finger the size of a walnut and that's why he had to eventually exit the game.
It's a blood blister which has got to disperse but it's nothing serious.