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Synonyms for blondness

the property of having a naturally light complexion

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The effent of these shifts in the fashion industry and its new emphasis on blondness, as acknowledged by high profile models such as Veronica Webb--the first black model to receive a cosmetics contract--was the alienation of black models from fashion runways by the 1990s.
She's tried all sorts of bleaches in a quest for blondness but even the strongest ones only turn her mop of curls red.
SUMMER BLONDNESS The garden acknowledges that blond is the natural color of summer in California.
6) The whitening of her teeth, coupled with a toothier smile, is also part of the iconography of blondness, at least in Farrah Fawcett, whose hair and smile (and athletic body) reached iconic status in her Charlie's Angels (ABC, 1976-1981) rise to fame.
The work relies on our disappointment at being given only these suggestive, disembodied gestures, rather than Kim Novak's uncanny blondness.
11) Not for the last time, too, an ironic equation is suggested between the empire of odor and ideas, (12) and the striking blondness of Sam and his sister Jo, "that 'great blond beast'" (132) according to Henny, further aligns him with an Aryan, fascist model.
There was something about her, not just her technical skills, not just her blondness, her blue-eyedness, which brings with it so much information, so much myth, so much iconography, but somebody who wanted to work from the inside out and who was prepared to make herself soul-naked for the film.
Schauer produced a comprehensive, honest, 206-page report, which identified Goethe's ties to the anti-Catholic movement, his racist views about Mexicans, his opposition to immigration from non-European countries, and his preference for "Protestantism, and tallness, blondness, blue-eyedness.
Thus the glow that surrounds Eugenia and the blondness of Edgar's masculinity fail to conceal those "baser" instincts of the Alabaster breed, and of ruling-class Victorian society more generally.
By manipulating the codes of blondness, they tell a subversive story of how they create themselves.
In truth, I envy her blondness, although Roger says he loves my "auburn mane.