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Synonyms for blocky

Synonyms for blocky

resembling a block in shape


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Brightness in the infrared indicates blocky surfaces, which retain more heat than surfaces covered by powder and debris.
For much of the 20th century this was the standard blocky red bell pepper, although rather late-bearing in northern latitudes.
Due to good strength and blocky nature of the sandstone, its potential use as aggregate in construction of buildings, roads and other applications are required to be explored.
The illustrations are blocky, modern and completely unsentimental so that the appeal of the book will not be limited to a single age range.
Its blocky brick look was likened by council planning committee members to an Oxo Cube and cheese grater.
We see a diversity of textures in this outcrop some parts finely layered and finegrained, others more blocky with erosionresistant ledges," said Curiosity deputy project scientist Ashwin Vasavada in a statement.
It is said to offer a natural blend of talc-like platy particles and irregular, blocky particle shapes to provide optimal film blocking, clarity, film strength, barrier resistance, and improved thermal conductivity.
Dripping with beautiful, blocky detail, the biggest flaw I found here was that I became so engrossed in creating my world that I ran out of time to play the actual game.
Almost half the large works on show are glossy, regimented and geometrically precise, square, blocky forms in shiny black acrylic, accented with brilliant gold leaf.
The latest example: the duo's Copper Mirror series of highly polished metal disks supported by slender steel rods atop blocky stone bases, on display at London's Gallery Libby Sellers from Sept.
While the screens are bigger, however, the pixel density remains the same, meaning games look blocky on the unforgiving displays.
The cut scene graphics are blocky basic (Westford's dog looks more Penelope Pitstop than dread Direwolf) and characterisation is poor.
Black Yoga Communication Station stands on a Persian rug and involves a houseplant, as well as a couple of blocky CB radios that rhyme with the blocky books.
The book is written in earnest, but it has the feel of the Great Illustrated Classics series--it is blocky and over-simplified.
The Deathly Hallows 2 is a beautiful looking game but packed with repetitive gameplay and rammed full of blocky cut-scenes.