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Synonyms for blockish

resembling a block in shape


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rapt and wrapped in it, unseeing the blockish church-tower in
A blockish, 30-story mass, it can be seen from every point in the park and from far beyond it.
Or doth ye blockish slave The reall presence hould; allthough he dare not yet Speake out his blasphemie; untill the times ar fitt?
The Chrysler 300C, for example, is an aggressively styled sedan with a blockish front end that screams for attention.
books (in the beginning was the word), abjection (Head and Bottle, 1975, thrusts the artist's gaze facedown on his liquid muse), and the formless (since for Guston speech/language concretizes vision, his blockish forms, as Cooper proposed, shift identities with the same metonymical slipperiness that enables us to name a single thought with diverse related words).
In contrast, "freezing is the earthly blockish insensible condition of a soul which may indeed be melted by warm breath but must first be so melted before it can sway to it.