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Synonyms for blocking

the act of obstructing or deflecting someone's movements

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Your team already has the blocking schemes and has practiced the speed option and shovel pass; this is easy to install.
For schools to receive certain federal funds and discounts, such as E-rate, the Children's Internet Protection Act requires schools to use blocking software to restrict student access to Web sites that are "harmful to minors.
In response to widespread concerns about privacy issues surrounding caller ID, telephone companies have developed more specialized call blocking features.
The shuffle is ideal in blocking because the hips stay square to the net.
He must work hard to shorten the corner for the running back when blocking on a DE.
The crack block is a valuable adjustment that can vary our base blocking principles.
We begin the blocking by distinguishing between "covered" and "uncovered" offensive linemen.
Once the players understood what we wanted to accomplish as a unit, things began to take shape and it became east to make adjustments to blocking schemes or formations prior to or during the game.
We expect our defensive linemen to have a basic knowledge of the opponents' down-and-distance tendencies, different backfield sets, and blocking schemes for every set.
The accompanying diagrams show certain blocking scenarios, but only the experienced LBs will be able to see the entire picture.