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Synonyms for blocky

Synonyms for blocky

resembling a block in shape


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11] using blockiness and blur derived from decoded videos, but the correlation with subjective test was poor.
32) between the ranginess FS and the blockiness FS where these were corrected for metatarsal length indicates that these measures described different aspects of the animal's shape.
It is well known that [beta]-scission increases with the processing temperature, that cross-linking is favored by coagents that stop the [beta]-scission, allowing for bridge formation on methyn radicals of PP chains (1), (5), (6), that as ethylene content increases the blockiness of the EPM rubber increases (2).
Because Nintendo 64 is faster and smarter than the PlayStation or Saturn, N64 games have little of the tiny blockiness that appear on some PlayStation and Saturn games.
Generally, it is difficult to reduce JPEG compression artifacts, which appear in images as blockiness, noise and color variation without losing image quality.
Users can perform technically complicated checks for issues such as digital hits, blockiness, or field-dominance, as well as analyze media to make sure it is compliant with regulations and standards such as the DPP, Netflix, EBU R128, or the CALM Act.
You see QC functionality in two areas: pre-transform, where I'm testing for letterboxing, black frames, and confirmation that the file is 720p, and post-transform, where I'm searching for dropped frames and excessive blockiness and making sure that the files meet certain minimum values in two comparative QC tests, the structured similarity index method (SSIM) and peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR).
A number of artists invited the book's explicit blockiness and implicit talkiness to contradict each other.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) studies indicate that the p(ET/HBA) copolymers tend toward a segmented blockiness (1, 6-9).
Performing comprehensive audio/video analysis on 400 video streams simultaneously and content analysis for up to 100 channels, the Q-1200 accurately identifies video impairments from basic service issues to sophisticated video artifacts, such as channel audio and/or video dropout, black/blue screen, major blockiness, and more.
That is, if you played the file linearly start to finish, quality was fine, but if you dragged the playhead back and forth a few times, as viewers often do, the video would almost immediately degrade into extreme blockiness.
KPIs include distortion indicators, delay, brightness, contrast, jerkiness, blur, blockiness, skips/freezes, effective frame rate, and temporal and spatial activity indicators.
In one particularly challenging scene shot against a rattan background (definitely not recommended), Ipera actually outperformed all other tools, somehow never showing the blockiness or distortion evident in at least a few of the frames produced by the other tools.
In addition, where the source of the video is available, Spirent's new solution uses a "full reference" model to report on a Mean Opinion (MOS) score and on more than 18 video degradation parameters such as blur, blockiness and picture jitter.
In general, when the going got tough, VP6 would become slightly blurry while VC-1 would show more blockiness and other artifacts (Figure 4).