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a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire

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In WWI West Blockhouse Battery was designated a Counter Bombardment Battery although it never saw action.
Seven machine guns and 45 prisoners were captured in this blockhouse.
Welsh Guardsman and Pontypriddborn Sgt Bye, then aged 27, crawled up close to the post, rushed forward and managed to get behind the blockhouse and bombed the inmates, who then surrendered.
Blockhouse - Someday is out on itunes/Google Play/Amazon plus other digital outlets through the Converge label: 1st June 2017 (four different flavours)
Choosing a lovely spot not too far from his Plymouth home at the end of Devil's Point Blockhouse paid dividends for the 15-year-old.
In a re-examination of the William Richardson material at the University of Toronto Libraries, an unexpected discovery was a sketch of the British palisaded blockhouse known as York Fort, drawn by Richardson during a voyage to Labrador in 1769.
The letter "H" on the table of references identifies "Supposed Block Houses," which were built in 1798 and stand today as the North and East Blockhouses; the West blockhouse was an afterthought completed in 1799.
When his company was held up by machine–gun fire, although wounded in the head, he succeeded in bombing and taking the first blockhouse single–handed.
The coming years, as the moat and blockhouse inside are excavated, will be quite exciting.
An hour south of the EAC office in the village of Blockhouse, the most recent root-cellar grantee, South Shore Social Ventures Co-op, is converting an abandoned school into a model of sustainable building, energy, food and community.
The shooting was hot, but the temperature was much hotter and the only thing that saved me was regularly scheduled trips to the air-conditioned blockhouse and plenty of Gatorade.
The capture of a Spanish-held blockhouse was achieved by rifles, machine guns, balloons and artillery.
And a grey brown brick building, a blockhouse secured and unwindowed, stands on the southeast corner.
CEA's Raphael Gobin, in charge of the injector design, manufacture and experiments, announced that--after the successful generation of a first plasma in the ion source a few days before--the first beam was measured in the specific blockhouse built for this occasion.