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A black cloth embossed with the Blockhead logo had been laid on his casket.
e band heard that I called them Blockheads and loved it," the 40-year-"e band heard that I called them Blockheads and loved it," the 40-yearold said.
THE Blockheads have made a name for themselves with their loveable, cocky, schoolboy-rude songs.
The great Norman Watt-Roy, of Blockheads fame, stood legs planted to stage left, his fingers flying up and down the frets with bamboozling speed.
I'd suggest the more blockheads you have in a country, the worse that country is off, in terms of future survival, since blockheads, can be looked on as two-legged dodo birds.
Blockhead produced "Cof-fee" and "None Shall Pass," the CD's two standout tracks.
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead * (off-Broadway theater to be announced, New York City) This unauthorized parody by out talent Bert V.
Perhaps Dave can reform the original Blockhead team--who must win the tournament and the five-million-dollar prize--to fight off the land developers to save the teen center, I mean, skatepark
If, as author Samuel Johnson insisted, "No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money," the history of literature is littered with blockheads.
Newer tunes like "George the Human Pigeon" and "Roll Over" from the 2009 album "Staring Down The Barrel" fit well into the set and are well received by the die-hard Blockhead fans.
After Blockhead I ended up riding for Acme skateboards.
Sam Goody Central will transform Mall of America into Charlie Brown's Blockhead Stadium.
Boasting a vaginal mouth in addition to a jiggling phallic proboscis, the gigantic inflatable Chocolate Blockhead Nosebar Outlet towered above the surrounding attractions and national pavilions, suggesting a mutant version of Walt Disney's Pinocchio.
But if you want to look cool and trendy as you slap on your screen, then check out Blockhead in its cube-shaped packaging.