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blocking entrance to and exit from seaports and harbors

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Loitering near the boundary of the blockaded area, failing to answer radio communications from the blockading force, failure to display night navigation lights, or other attempts at concealment would probably all constitute reasonable grounds for suspicion on the part of the blockade commander.
small wooden fishing boats were destroyed by the blockading forces.
Blockading France was successful because of closer logistical support, a shorter coastline, fewer ports, eighteen years experience by 1812, and a broken French navy after 1805.
He claims only that the blockade was worth the expense--that is, the resources allocated to blockading the Southern coast achieved at least as much effect as they might have had they been allocated elsewhere.
Azerbaijan and Turkey, who are allies, have been blockading Armenia for nearly a decade after war broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan over a region called Nagorno-Karabakh.
In the late 1980's, pictures of Malaysia's loincloth-wearing nomadic Penan blockading bulldozers in Sarawak appeared in newspapers worldwide.
Some French truckers have already jumped the strike deadline by blockading petrol delivery lorries at main depots in Rouen in Northern France.
Following meetings with protesters blockading the Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor to Detroit, Wrye outlined steps he would take to resolve the truckers' concerns.
The NHRC chairman stressed that there were remarks made by the blockading countries that reflect their intent on elongating the crisis and that they do not plan to end the blockade and withdraw the arbitrary measures they have taken against the citizens and residents of Qatar.
Marri noted that there had been many shifts in the standpoints of the blockading countries after the issuing of the United Nations' report that indicated numerous violations of human rights owing to the blockade.
They have started letting the 400 trucks stuck on the Bulgarian side of the border go through after blockading the border crossing point for 48 hours, which led to a 10 km long line on the Bulgarian side.
Nonetheless, this analysis assumes a state of war between the PRC and the blockading state.
Dr al-Ansari believes that that blockade failed to achieve its ultimate target due to various factors such as Qatar's refusal to compromise, which perplexed the blockading countries, in addition to the soft political power of Qatar and its strong media presence.