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a ship that runs through or around a naval blockade

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Sleepy colonial backwater ports transformed overnight into booming entrepots, and every would-be blockade-runner constituted a potential embarrassment to federal arms.
Bulloch and Prioleau launched the first transatlantic blockade-runner, the screw steamer Bermuda, in August 1861.
Carlin had worked for the John Fraser Company as a captain in the antebellum coastal trade; he had commanded that company's first blockade-runner, the Cecile, during the spring of 1862 on four trips through the blockade, carrying cargos that included twenty thousand Enfield rifles.
William Seward remained defiant, calling Hamilton: "a blockade-runner dangerous to this country.
Although the Key West prize commissioner discharged Ring on November 18, Rear Admiral Bailey immediately rearrested the man, labeling him a "habitual blockade-runner.
John Almy's report after capturing the Minnie poignantly referred to the vessel as "the Anglo-rebel blockade-runner.
Among the most useful and most commonly cited are Taylor, Running the Blockade; William Watson, The Civil War Adventures of a Blockade-runner (London: Unwin Brothers, 1892); and John Wilkinson, The Narrative of a Blockade-runner (New York: Sheldon & Co.
Though much scholarship exists describing the blockade and the illicit trade which it inspired, very little addresses the treatment and legal position of the crews of captured blockade-runners.
Judge advocates whose departments handled captured blockade-runners largely shared Welles's view that little if anything separated them from rebels in arms.
Most were spies, smugglers, blockade-runners, carriers of contraband goods, and foreign nationals.
Later privateers, such as the Confederate blockade-runners in the American Civil War and rum-runners from Prohibition contributed to the country's dubious, yet romantic, development.
Better yet, the author has described the little-known operations of German surface blockade-runners as well.
The paddles teamer was one of the last of the highly controversial blockade-runners constructed on the Mersey during the American Civil War.
He presents the Confederate offensive and defensive forces: a medley of government commerce raiders, privateers, and blockade-runners as being the former, and commercial ships rebuilt for war, makeshift ironclads, forts, and innovative technologies (torpedoes and a submarine) comprising the latter.
Maffitt recounts his experiences on the blockade-runners Nassau and Owl, while Wilkinson describes his service running into Wilmington with the Robert E.