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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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The secondary aim was to compare the two groups in terms of time of onset of analgesia (T10 block level assessed by pin prick), peak sensory block level, and time to reach peak sensory block level and quality of anesthesia.
Artists in large number participated in this Block level event where they also registered themselves following which a registration certificate/slip/code was provided to all the artists who registered.
It is hypothesized that areas of higher crime are directly related to the spatial arrangement of socially stressed neighborhoods at the micro or block level of aggregation.
Tenders are invited for Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) intends to set-up Block Level Murti Skill Training Institutes.
For storage media encryption to be applied and managed "invisibly", it requires compressing, encrypting, and authenticating stored data at the block level prior to being written to tape.
The software also includes a block-level resume feature for Oracle, so that if a connection is lost, the backup session can be continued at the block level rather than the file level, thereby maintaining a high service level.
To ensure timely and adequate availability of fertilizers to farmers at affordable prices, Department of Fertilizers has approved the freight rates for the direct road movement of fertilizers upto 500 km from plant/port to block level, as recommended by the Tariff Commission.
Redundancy elimination at the block level can be considerably more efficient, since blocks are smaller than files, often by orders of magnitude.
The review also praised the Kashya KBX5000 for giving IT managers more granular control over how applications are restored, as well as its ability to look at server activity and roll back storage volumes at the database row or transaction level rather than at the block level only.
iSCSI can transport data globally at the block level while Fibre can zip it around the datacenter at the speed of light, or darn near.
E[acute accent]Compellent Technologies, a provider of affordable and modular enterprise storage solutions, today announced the availability of Data Progression, a new Storage Center(TM) application that automatically migrates inactive data at the block level to a lower-cost tier of storage based on actual usage patterns.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of About 150 Nos Of Small Sized Indoor Sports Halls At Block Level Spread Across India With Pre Fab Structure And Other Civil/ Electrical Works On Turnkey Basis Under Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan Scheme
No one has a universal file system yet--SAN file system technology tends to be limited to proprietary devices, since it is a huge challenge to share block level and file level data.