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a grant of federal money to state and local governments to support social welfare programs

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Indian Housing Block Grants have an important role in helping tribal communities maintain and improve the availability of affordable housing on their lands, said Senator Collins.
May constant monitoring naman and under the block grant or section 134 or 137 there is a monitoring mechanism at review.
83 million in unexpended block grant money that had been earmarked for 22 programs and services, exceeding the cap of 1.
Their rates are also taken into account by the block grant.
The features of the proposed Block Grant Scheme are as follows:-
The revised bill has four parts: It outlines what the block grant would look like; identifies Medicaid reforms that Texas could implement already, such as cost-sharing requirements and co-payments; sets up a separate program to potentially draw down federal financing to help individuals at or below 133 percent of the poverty level find private market coverage; and sets up an oversight committee for both programs.
What Jane Hutt the Welsh Finance Minister and Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander have now agreed is that the Treasury will, in the near future, not deduct from the block grant specific borrowings for big infrastructure projects.
You could easily see block grant proposals like this becoming part of a larger debt reduction plan or being tied into a farm bill later this year or next year," the aide said.
The Association joined more than a dozen other groups writing in favor of the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant, a source of funding that gives states flexible funds they can use where the funds are needed most.
The state government, meanwhile, has objected to the block grant idea.
The losers: The Preventive Health Block Grant, which is eliminated along with sizeable reductions in Community Services Block Grant, Community Development Block Grant, and Substance Abuse Block Grants.
The trouble is, he admits, that block grant could actually be falling after this autumn's looming comprehensive spending review which ominously promises a 25% cut across Whitehall spending.
The project, funded with a federal Energy Efficiency Block Grant from the Department of Energy, is one of three solar projects the board will vote on as part of its policy calendar.
He called on all the Northern Ireland parties to combine under the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister for the "mother of all" talks to block any reduction in the local administration's block grant to deliver services.
Furthermore, beginning in March, community block grant dollars totaling $6,000 will be available to qualifying persons to assist with a number of expenses.