block anesthesia

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The present study was conducted to examine the effect of chlordiazepoxide and oxazepam on the pain and success rate of mandibular block anesthesia.
New York Assembly Bill 5704 and Senate Bill 4086 seek to allow dental hygienists to perform block anesthesia.
Paravertebral block anesthesia for breast cancer surgery was introduced at Duke University in the mid-1990s.
Administer inferior dental nerve block anesthesia, under the direct personal supervision of a registered dentist;
Suturing was performed with polyglycolic acid under topical or pudendal block anesthesia.
Regional nerve block anesthesia has been found to be potentially beneficial in reducing postoperative pain.
Complete brachial plexus palsy after total shoulder arthroplasty done with interscalene block anesthesia.
1) Dental hygienists in 26 of these states may provide block anesthesia, in addition to other techniques, while those in South Carolina may only use infiltration or supraperiosteal techniques.