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Synonyms for blob

Synonyms for blob

an indistinct shapeless form

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Flies taking trout have been CdC's, Buzzers, Hare's Ear, Diawl Bach and Blobs.
Smaller blobs represent the games that aren't quite as easy or tough - Everton don't have a red blob of any size on their horizon until their trip to Anfield on January 28, while once Liverpool are over their festive trips to City and Chelsea, they have a relatively benign run until Arsenal come to town on February 8.
Four cops in Philadelphia first came across a huge blob in 1950 and their discovery led to the 1958 sci-fi film.
Researchers speculated the 41ft jelly-like blob might be a rotted sea monster from the ocean depths.
We believe learning should be fun, and while Cosmic Blobs started life outside the classroom, it has become central to a valuable, progressive education experience," said Steven DeBenedictis, product manager for Cosmic Blobs.
The blobs, say excited scientists, are microfossils left by ancient bugs.
XML support is incorporated far deeper in the DB2 data engine than can be achieved via content shredding or BLOB storage, which ensures superior information retrieval with shorter development time and lower overhead.
His team examined the rock, from Western Australia, using a sophisticated technique to prove the blobs are made from organic carbon.
It's unsettling as it is ingenious that Koolhaas has become a case study of the dynamic he's describing, yet another cog in the machinery of branded Blobs bundling commerce together with culture.
Then he'd buy a paper which had its tipster's selections marked with a blob and, if the two blobs tallied, he'd back it.
PA) today announced that its Cosmic Blobs team, makers of the most powerful 3D graphics software ever invented for kids, has delivered new offerings that enhance the out-of-box Cosmic Blobs(R) experience and help children create mysterious medieval-themed worlds.
Small Blobs are more juicy: a trio of Blob lamps by Foscarini come in three sizes, and can be used as desk, wall and floor lamps, with the largest doubling as a piece of furniture--part chaise longue, part table.
In mere weeks, the jet, which contains bright blobs flying out at half the sped of light, varies from being straight to hook-shaped.
Chances are you'll notice tiny dark blobs move across your field of vision before disappearing.