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And even today, an unparalleled Google experience can only be had on a Google device, free from carrier or manufacturer modifications, skins, bloatware and everything else that takes away from a true Android experience.
The Windows 8 OS also comes with a lot of bloatware from the box.
This, almost without exception, means bloatware and a UI re-skin done more to differentiate the product from competitors than to improve the user experience.
Other products in the SlimWare Utilities suite of free software include SlimComputer, for removing bloatware from a PC, and SlimDrivers, a free and automatic way to update PC drivers.
The tool is easy to install without complicated downloads or bloatware.
In addition, as more applications move to the cloud, browsers will increasingly become the target - and the preferred delivery method - for bloatware, malware and other items that can slow down or compromise a PC.
Off-the-shelf units may be loaded with bloatware and other unnecessary features.
MS Works comes preinstalled; following closely on its heels: bloatware.
Bloatware such as a Word, WordPerfect or PowerPoint can take as much as 100 to 200 MB each.
While no one has any better answers than this when it comes to taking the wind out of Linux's sails, supporting it within Solaris or any other Unix or NT will not be sufficient to negate the force of Linux, any more than Sun's ignoring and berating of NT has made it go away despite the fact that NT is a dreadfully buggy and unreliable piece of bloatware compared to Unix or Linux.
In addition to undercutting the growth of bloatware hardware and fatware software, it is necessary to bring the new systems in well under the cost of the old.
PC performance degradation is a major frustration for consumers, often caused by the bloatware, spyware, malware and registry files that "mysteriously" accumulate on systems over time.
Ever a plus; however, is the lack of bloatware, even on the Verizon version that was provided for review.
There is little bloatware to speak of save for the Opera browser, Vistoso and Go2Pay.
The good news is that Microsoft may be giving users the ability to remove some of the bloatware that come pre-installed with Windows 10.