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While PC vendors claim that bloatware - pre-installed
Privacy control over data shared with apps, full UI customisation and the elimination of bloatware - to free up storage space and processing power - are all central to the groundbreaking OS.
The news comes just two weeks after Samsung bloatware found on
Nexus 6 and Xperia Z3 have bloatware apps preinstalled upon purchase.
But, there's bloatware from Micromax that might not be to your liking.
MightyFAX is an interesting shareware package that may be the answer to a number of readers, who consider WinFax as bloatware and prefer to run those freebie packages that come with their modems.
And that's just the OS itself; trying to patch individual forks of each version of that OS from Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei, HTC, and other vendors are a different story entirely, not to mention whatever bloatware and other customizations each carrier adds to the OS on top of that.
that the bloatware disabled Windows own feature to stop Microsoft automatically
Nexus devices do not come pre-installed with bloatware and thereby manages to deliver pure Android experience.
0 (Jelly Bean would have been better), it's got a few too many bloatware.
Now, Google seems to view them as a way to deliver Android software and Google Play services directly to consumers, unmodified by other companies and untainted by bloatware.
That's all; you can't do anything else with them, but you can read them without loading a few hundred megabytes of bloatware to your rapidly filling hard drive.
Tired of antivirus bloatware solutions that guzzle system resources but don't stop today's malware;
Plus, buying directly from Motorola means you get a cleaner version of Android, without clutter and bloatware.
Sony has bloatware of apps but has added some useful apps for daily use.