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swelling of the rumen or intestinal tract of domestic animals caused by excessive gas

become bloated or swollen or puff up

make bloated or swollen

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Bloat is a two-part disorder, telegraphed by its formal name: gastric dilatation and volvulus.
The most important thing in treating bloat is to catch it early.
A large meal followed by exercise is most commonly the triggering factor for bloat.
The free white paper outlines the challenges with typical file bloat workarounds, including deduplication and lossless compression.
My stomach bloats and the whole thing starts all over again.
Avoid too much bread and pasta Starchy carbs are well known for causing us to bloat and susceptible people can feel their trousers getting tighter after a lunchtime sandwich.
Welsh farmers experiencing higher than average losses of cattle to bloat this month are being urged to avoid grazing pastures with high clover content at peak risk times.
By following our 10 top tips on getting your stomach in shape you CAN budge the bloat in just seven days.
Robert Egan's mostly efficient staging can't clear away the plot bloat, and much of the second-act dialogue is message-heavy and tin-eared.
In the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, activists, fed up with the MTA's bloat and lackluster service, petitioned for the agency's breakup into smaller, independent regional zones.
If you really can't ditch your bean fix, try pureeing or mashing them for minimal bloat - the body can digest purees better than chunks of high-gas foods.
It's rich in potassium, which keeps bloat at bay, and also contains an amino acid called asparagine that flushes excess liquid out of your system, says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville (www.