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Never was there a lighter-hearted husbandman, a creature more popular with young and old, a blither or more happy soul than Barnaby; and though he was free to ramble where he would, he never quitted Her, but was for evermore her stay and comfort.
We get the cash the 20th time that a newspaper starts a story 'Coventry are set to miss out on a cash windfall' and the rest of the article blithers on about England call-ups, injury jinxes, most promising young keeper in the country, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc.
David, of course, is TV comedy's reigning self-absorbed misanthrope on ``Curb Your Enthusiasm,'' a man who blithers blithely into all manner of bad behavior only to take umbrage when someone else takes umbrage.
Very mild humor comes from him hiding the animal in his home: He feeds him junk food and the deer lathers up in the bathtub, while Mom's blithers by, oblivious.