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  • adj

Synonyms for blithe

Synonyms for blithe

free from care or worry

characterized by joyful exuberance

Synonyms for blithe

lacking or showing a lack of due concern

Related Words

carefree and happy and lighthearted

References in classic literature ?
These thoughts came and went as he watched the white figure in front, felt the enchantment of the music, and found everybody unusually blithe and beautiful.
our journey lies through dell and dingle, Where the blithe fawn trips by its timid mother, Where the broad oak, with intercepting boughs, Chequers the sunbeam in the green-sward alley Up and away
Of cooks and cook-maids there were over fifty, all clean, brisk, and blithe.
So he set forth upon his way with blithe heart; for it was a day when the whole face of the earth seemed glad and rejoicing in pulsing life.
The youth, considering himself as separated from the others, was saddened by the blithe and merry speeches that went from rank to rank.
He was as blithe and joyous as a young bird, and was staying the keenness of his morning's appetite by chewing the soft bark of a delicate branch he held in his hand, and he recommended the like to me as an admirable antidote against the gnawings of hunger.
Among all the lovely lifestyle products featuring traditional Philippine textiles at the Likhang Habi Fair last October, I was particularly drawn to the chic bags subtly brimming with Filipino pride by awesome one-woman operation Blithe Sanchez.
45 Chester Boodles Diamond Handicap 5f C4/RUK Card page 57 THERE are plenty in this race who love Chester but none more than Blithe Spirit, whose last three wins were all here and who scored at this meeting a year ago.
This is a somewhat kinder, gentler LaBute piece, in which cruelty takes a backseat to blithe, self-absorbed cluelessness.
Tuning this right into the Delhi theatre circuit is Kaivalya Plays with English playwright Sir Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit -- a play that was staged 1,997 times at West End theatre and saw 657 Broadway performances.
At least Ben hasn''t lost his blithe selfconfidence, as he auditions for the lead in a musical, even though he can't sing.
I do believe that" - Veteran actress Angela Lansbury, who is returning to the West End stage to appear in Blithe Spirit.
This week, directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell spoil us with this beautifully crafted tale of a young misfit, who is blessed with the ability to see ghosts in his sleepy New England town of Blithe Hollow, where witches were once burned for their supposed crimes.
NEWPORT: Dolman Theatre (01633 251338), Blithe Spirit.