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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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Essentially, the taxpayer purchased pills from third parties in bulk and repackaged the pills into blister packs that it manufactured from plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and lidding material.
As you might imagine, reliably feeding all those small pills into the blister packs requires a precision machine.
For that reason, Roggenhofer explains that calling a blister pack "tamper evident" is a redundant statement.
If the packaging has failed because two bound surfaces have come apart, the surfaces are said to have delaminated; for example, if the foil surface of a blister pack has peeled away from the plastic backing.
Visionscan has been developed to meet growing demand from pharmaceutical blister pack manufacturers for a low cost yet accurate and modern leak detection alternative to the blue dye test that can be integrated into their quality control systems.
In many cases the cardboard boxes, blister pack and foil backing, holograms and logos, as well as the appearance of bogus drugs, are so well copied that there can be no visual differentiation between counterfeit and genuine products.
A sensitive membrane is then sealed on the test base and a vacuum is applied, which will analyze the swelling of each blister cavity, thus indicating which blister pack is faulty.
Family owned Charpak gained the awards for the consistent high quality of its bespoke blister pack products and the Company's strong process and quality control systems.
For example, an official at the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute tells of a company devoting 18 months to developing a blister pack with a hologram, only to find it duplicated within six months.
Artesunate 100 mg blister pack IP/BP/USP Box of 100x10 Tab.
The 5cl blister pack promotion is being rolled out across 400 Tesco stores, offering shoppers the chance to try the famous brand for 2.
AMF Automation Technologies specializes in integrated secondary packaging solutions for flexible, semi rigid, MAP, tray carton, blister pack and other challenging and unique package types.
Carl Pelzel, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Depomed added, "In recent weeks, market penetration for ProQuin(R) XR has significantly improved as a result of our response to the market's demand for a 3-tablet blister pack, with prescriptions dramatically increasing from approximately 475 per week in early June to over 1100 by month end.
The b4 hand sanitizer packets are sold in a 25-count box, 50-count box, an 8-ounce pump bottle and a five-count blister pack.