blister copper

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an impure form of copper having a black blistered surface

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Looking back on performance in 2012, due to the noticeable growth in the sales volume of all kinds of products, including blister copper and sulfuric acid of CCS, together with the increase in production and sales volume of copper cathode as a result of the commencement of production of the Congo Huachin Leach Project and the agitation leaching system of Muliashi Project, the Group was still able to maintain an impressive growth in revenue in 2012.
The blister copper is processed further in the anode furnaces to turn out refined copper ready to be mold into copper strips by the machine of Hazelett Twin Belt Caster.
The existing flash smelting furnace will be modified for the production of blister copper from a mixture of concentrate and white metal (high grade copper matte) produced by Codelco's technology.
One of these was that there was no refinery on site for the blister copper, which was extracted, and this had to be taken to China or Iran for refining.
The smelter produces blister copper (98% Cu) for shipment to the copper refinery and a slow-cooled Bessemer matte (75% Cu + Ni) which is separated at the matte separation plant into nickel sulfides (mainly heazlewoodite), metallics and copper sulfide (chalcocite).
The cuprous oxide is converted to blister copper upon heating.
A planned second phase would entail a major expansion of the mine and mill and construction of a smelter to produce blister copper.
Its third project will see the construction of East Africa's first copper smelter, with a capacity of 300,000 tonnes of blister copper per year, to be mined from Rukuwa, north of Zambia's copper belt.
According to Schneider, there is little value adding in terms of the raw copper product and this is due to a number of different reasons, including the fact that the refining of locally produced blister copper was never feasible, the required skills are not available and the cost to relocating such expertise would be economically unviable.
Critics say that extension of Saindak deal with China for another five years would mean to end 19-year life span of the Saindak mine, as MCC has been involved in excessive mining and higher production of blister copper at the project site.
Blister copper is exported via Cape Town, 15,000 t/y of captive metal and the same amount of toll copper.
It has been through ups and downs and just when it had reached final stages of completion, after successful trial production in January 1996 during which about 1540 tonnes of Blister Copper was produced, the production operation is suspended for almost four years since then for want of working capital of Rs.
The expansion program is designed to double smelter capacity to 10,000 tonnes of blister copper annually, increase operating efficiencies and enhance the smelter's environmental performance.
The total blister copper extraction/production stood at 76,141.
In this case, the Management of Sandik Metal Limited (SML) regarding Excavation of Gold by MRLD under the Cover of Blister Copper were alleged for Metallurgical Contracting Company China through it sublet company MRLD is involved in illegal excavation of 1% Gold under the cover of blister copper without paying levy and other dues to Government of Pakistan thus causing loss of billion of rupees to the national exchequer.