blister beetle

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beetle that produces a secretion that blisters the skin

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another article, identification and biochemical characterization of protein phosphatase 5 from the cantharidin-producing blister beetle, Epicauta chinensis, showed that they obtained a cDNA fragment from the blister beetle, E.
5) Blister beetle dermatitis in the campus started early this year because of pre-monsoon rain.
Epidemiological study of blister beetle dermatitis in Manipal town
Large populations of grasshoppers may lead to a corresponding increase in medically important blister beetle (Meloidae) populations since the larvae of blister beetles prey on the eggs of grasshoppers.
We have previously reported the presence of cellulose hydrolyzing activity in a number of insects including blister beetle, Mylabris pustulata (Sami and Shakoori, 2007).
Commonly referred to as blister beetles, these insects are of particular interest because of their paramedical, veterinary and agricultural importance (Parker and Wakeland, 1957; Capinera et al.
Blister beetle poisonings have increased since the advent of swather-conditioning equipment that runs hay between rollers or crimpers.
This solitary bee (Habropoda pallida) may look like it is being eaten alive, but it's actually just giving these blister beetle larvae a lift.
A newly hatched blister beetle larva faces a mission impossible, with no choice about whether or not to accept the job.
The blister beetle is both a blessing and a curse to farmers.
Today this eccentric biological pioneer is remembered, if at all, by the eponyms he inspired: Nuttall's woodpecker, Nuttall's blister beetle, Nuttall's sunflower, Nuttall's evening primrose, and Pica nuttalli, the yellowbilled magpie.
A topical preparation made of purified secretions from the blister beetle (Cantharis vesicatoria), cantharidin can be applied in the office and will cause blistering and desquamation of the wart at home.
The blister beetle species Meloe franciscanus and the host bees meet in the dunes of southwestern U.