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Certified gluten-free and made with simple, wholesome ingredients, Van's Blissfully Berry and Cocoa Sensation cereals (MSRP $4.
Why don't blissfully happy people achieve as much as their less happy counterparts?
Michael McIntyre sleeps on the hill above, blissfully unaware of the change that is about to take place in his life.
Oblivious to current trends, Cohen blissfully fills some songs with dated keyboards and sax fills, and inserts his own incongruous Jew's harp licks in the midst of others.
The general public seem to be blissfully unaware until the grid becomes overloaded and power is lost.
Jones' Continuous Replay, a permutation on an early work by Arnie Zane, used canon, nudity, and spontaneity to reveal a slice of chaotic life in blissfully humanistic form.
In the early 20th century, an American ship captain named Rosehill asserted a claim on the island, blissfully unaware of the island's prior discovery (it did take a while to update charts in those days).
The Cutting It star is blissfully happy with music industry executive Hughes and hopes their relationship will be for life.
Will the ``real'' contestants remain blissfully unaware as their world is manipulated around them,or will they guess the plot before the writers have written it?
Some of the chapters, such as the one on social policy in the Global South and on the development of global social policy are blissfully ignorant of the substantial body of literature which had previously addressed these issues.
Throughout the evening, Derek remained at my side, blissfully unaware of the other girls drooling into their punch cups.
Mel and Adrienne Jordan share a blissfully happy marriage.
As a hurtling-over-a-street-corner-near-you threat to the common good, there is a Catholic case to be made against SUVs, and, as anyone who has watched an SUV owner barrel blissfully through traffic can attest, they can be an affront to human dignity.
The report produced by the European Financial Services Round Table found that most European citizens "remain blissfully unaware" of a dangerous gap between what they expect to receive when they retire and what state pension systems will be able to afford.
Nigel, commercial director of vegetable supplier Bonfords, and his wife Nicola, were obviously having such a good time that they left the ball -- which was raising money for The Alzheimer's Society -- blissfully unaware that they had won the evening's star prize.