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a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption

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a radar echo displayed so as to show the position of a reflecting surface

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The most common definitions describe blips as isolated viral load measurements above the assay detection limit (usually 50 HIV-1 RNA copies/mL) but less than 500 copies/mL to 1000 copies/mL, in patients with previously undetectable HIV-1 RNA and in whom the subsequent test is again below the limit of quantification.
Blips should not be confused with persistent low-level viremia, which is usually defined as detection of low levels of HIV-1 RNA in several consecutive samples.
Look at this quote from last month: "In the overall picture, it is a blip and we will get ready for the next one (match).
And how about this one ( you'll never guess who said this: "My only hope is that it is just a temporary blip and that the race will be back on.
This class action is the device available to OPIS and BLIPs participants to recover damages without bringing their own lawsuit.
OPIS and BLIPS taxpayer members of the class, on their own or through their counsel, should contact Jerry Silk (212-554-1282, Jerry@blbglaw.
Netegrity, which traded below five dollars a share for most of 1998, started making some blips towards the $10.
com)-- The state-of-the-art equipment, known as BlipTrack, developed by Denmark-based BLIP Systems, is helping controllers at Europe's busiest ferry port to reduce bottlenecks and improve vehicle movements by predicting potential traffic congestion on Dover's coast bound A20.
Mourinho also has a word of advice for Fergie and his rival managers who claim Chelsea will have a blip during the forthcoming campaign.
Right now you would probably have to say it's a blip, but it should be noted that goals are in relatively short supply in the Coca-Cola League as well.
About four years ago MBA Legislative Representative Mike Rovella got the idea for BLIP from a similar program in Pennsylvania.
Fears of a devastating epidemic of human mad cow disease increased yesterday after a leading scientist said a recent upturn in the number of cases was not a blip but a 'sustained pattern'.
And the upturn, gathered from analysis combining onset incidence with the number of deaths from variant CJD, was not a blip but a "sustained pattern".
com)-- The system, Imported from Blip Systems in Denmark, involves tracking anonymous Bluetooth devices such as cell phones, headsets, in car navigation systems, as they travel in New Zealand, and using this information to identify travel times and route preference.
With BLIP, the Internet moves onto the street and becomes local.